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Private Peaceful Wins British All Winners Festival

A huge congratulations is in order to Limitless Academy of Performing Arts drama student Kyle Goold for earning 1st Place for his incredible performance at the All British Final at The Albany Theatre.

The play won the Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama Festival in March 2020 and so qualified for the 46th British All Winners Festival held in Coventry on July 21st 2021.

Following his 1st place win, Kyle said: "I still have no words. Genuinely none. The feeling of seeing Peter J Watson , Callum Bowden and Liv running towards me to hug me backstage was just unforgettable. The dedication, hard work, thought and precision that went in to the rehearsal process and the final product is all testament to the trophy we received last night.

"I cannot thank everyone who came to see this enough, it meant the world to me to see you all out there

"I also cannot thank Peter and Callum enough for believing in me, giving me this opportunity, and for letting me be lucky enough to work with the both of them, they're truly phenomenal men and I cannot wait to work with them both in the future. I have so much love and respect for them both

"And a huge thank you to the entirety of Limitless Academy Of Performing Arts . The opportunities at this school are absolutely immense, and they never stop coming. With Our House in just 5 weeks now, the hard work that goes on behind the scenes is absolutely insane. I love you all!

"Thank you everyone, it's truly the most humbling, emotional, tough and rewarding journey with Peter and Callum and Liv and everyone. Can't wait to do it again!"



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