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The Addams Family Musical Run 2022 Ends

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Addams Family musical production by Limitless Academy
Limitless Academy's production of The Addams Family at the SandPit Theatre, October 2022

The curtain has closed for the final time on our October 2022 run of 'The Addams Family - The Musical' at the SandPit Theatre and here at Limitless Academy we couldn't be more proud of all of the cast and crew involved. The professional attitude shone through these performances - you're all truly Limitless.

We got fantastic feedback on social media and great reviews in the press as well:

"We all came out feeling that we had seen a production that would not be out of place in the West End. 5 Stars. Would recommend it!" - The Listing Magazine

All of the cast involved are adult and youth students at our Hertfordshire academy who take our drama and musical theatre classes.

Costumes & Set

Our Addams Family Musical was also praised by audience and critics for having such a high production value. This is thanks to the hard work of costume designer and creator Ruth Burton.

Ruth took on the monster task of creating 29 individual costumes, all unique to suit each ancestor and family member - the result is phenomenal and we couldn't have asked for more. Not only that, but Ruth was backstage for all seven shows at the SandPit Theatre to help our cast with changes. So a big, big thank you for these show-stopping costumes, Ruth Burton!

The set was a massive undertaking and really helped create the spooky and quirky atmosphere any Addams Family production needs. It was handmade by local expert set makers Not Just Props, who have a workshop in Hertfordshire.

Missed the run? Don't worry. We plan on returning the Addams Family again in the future. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on all our productions.

Addams Family actor applying makeup


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