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Limitless Academy Brings You 'GREASE'

From the end of October last year, the team at Limitless began thinking about what they could possibly do to top last year’s run of ‘The Addams Family’ at The SandPit Theatre. After fantastic 5* reviews, such as The Listing Magazine raving that they ‘came out feeling like they had seen a West End production’, The Addams Family was a smash hit that audiences loved. So, as soon as the run ended, the team were asking themselves, how do we possibly top this? We wanted to produce something bigger, better and something audiences would be dancing in the aisles to. And so the planning begun...

Limitless Productions are proud to present, ‘GREASE: The Musical’. With music, lyrics and book written by Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs, this classic old-timer is sure to be a showstopper. Named after the 1950’s United States working-class youth subculture known as 'Greasers', the musical is set in 1959 at fictional ‘Rydell High School’ and follows ten teenagers as they navigate the complexities of peer pressure, politics, personal core values, and love.

Award-winning director, Peter Heppelthwaite, is making his return after the success of 'The Addams Family' last year. With West End Musical's such as Les Miserables and Miss Saigon under his belt, Grease will be the 7th musical Peter has directed with Limitless and it's sure to have you feeling as though you're sat in Piccadilly - minus the price tag! Musical director Louise Atkins and Choreographer Laurie Roblett, are also back and lending their talents to this year’s production of Grease.

As well as choreographing the show, award-winning actress, Laurie Roblett will be playing the innocent Sandy, alongside Limitless Alumni, Charlie Riley, as Danny Zuko.

Alongside Laurie and Charlie are a plethora of Limitless students, including, Emily Hegarty as Rizzo, award-winning actor Kyle Goold as Kenickie, award-winning actress Jessica Heppelthwaite as Frenchy, Freddie Goold as Doody, award-winning actor Evan Johnson as Roger, Connie Griffin as Jan, Alanis Jacintho as Marty and Archie Griffifths as Sonny.

Supporting cast includes; award-winning actress Mollie Mincher as Cha-Cha, Angela Clark as Miss Lynch, Amber Lewis as Eugena, award-winning actress Oliva Houghton as Patty Simcox, Iona Berry as Teen Angel and Kyron Lewis as Johnny Casino.

The ensemble of ‘Grease’ consists of; Mikki Heppelthwaite, Aimee Reeder, Becky Aloneftis, Otto Wing, Levi Randall, Eve Buttress, Emily Wainwright, Claudia Ramirez-Sanchez and Alice Walker.

‘Grease: The Musical’ returns to The SandPit Theatre, St Albans from the 27-29th July 2023. Book your tickets now to enjoy your ‘Summer Nights’ the Grease way!



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