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Bouncers and Shakers sold out shows and festival success

the cast of both bouncers and shakers

In February 2024 we produced a double bill of John Godber comedies Bouncers and Shakers. Abridged to be one act each, the two stage plays premiered at The Attic Theatre in February before going on to being performed at the Welwyn Youth Drama Festival in March where they won multiple awards, including both placing first and second as best plays.

Bouncers and Shakers tell stories of London nightclubs in the infamous 1980s. With music and references to match, Bouncers follows four door men and Shakers follows four waitresses as they explain the story of a night out in London. These hilarious plays will have you cracking up, tearing up and reminiscing on your time in the 80s.

Sold out shows at The Attic Theatre

From 26th to 29th February 2024, the shows had alternating nights at our The Attic Theatre. All performances were sold out and received excellent reviews from the audience and local press.

Review from The Listing Magazine of Shakers after the opening night:

“Congratulations to Shakers on a fantastic performance! The show was captivating, filled with quick wit and delivered outstanding performances from the entire cast. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment”

Theatre festival success

festival winners from the 2024 Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama Festival
Cast of Bouncers and Shakers posing with their awards with other winners at the WGC Youth Drama Festival, March 2024

In March 2024, both Bouncers and Shakers were performed at the Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama Festival. We have a very good track record at the WGC drama festival, winning the Best Play award three times in a row in previously.

Both plays were extremely well received by festival goers and the adjudicator.  In total the plays won three awards:

  • 🥇 First Place: Bouncers

  • 🥈 Second Place: – Shakers

  • 🏆 Best acting performance: Kyle Goold as Lucky Eric

Shakers was also nominated for the Technical Award for inventive lighting and set design.

For finishing in first place, Bouncers qualifies to take part in the National Drama Festival Association (NDFA), happening in Coventry in July 2024. The NDFA is where winners of all local festivals compete against each other to named best in the country.

Limitless has previously set a record for winning the NFA three times in a row. Our previous winning one act youth plays were Brooke For Nothing (2022), Teechers (2019), and Private Peaceful (2021).


The cast of Bouncers and Shakers was made up exclusively of students from our youth drama classes and have been training with us at Limitless Academy of Performing Arts for a number of years. Both plays were directed by award-winning Peter Heppelthwaite, who regularly tutors the performers.

Emily Hegarty and Iona Berry were assistant directors and are also students at Limitless.

In the last four years of performing in countless national drama festivals, Limitless Academy of Performing Arts has earned over 80+ major awards. We are dedicated to giving our students opportunities to perform and be involved with a wide range of productions for stage and screen.

Bouncers cast and crew

Cast of Bouncers

Director: Peter Heppelthwaite

Assistant director:  Iona Berry

Lucky Eric: Kyle Goold

Judd: Jay Thomas

Ralph: Freddie Goold

Les:  Kyron Lewis

Shakers cast and crew

Cast of Shakers

Director: Peter Heppelthwaite

Assistant director:  Emily Hegarty

Carol: Jessica Heppelthwaite

Nicky: Molie Mincher

Mel: Victoria Hope

Adele: Olivia Houghton

Rehearsals and promotional photos



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