Adult Drama Classes & Courses

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Our multi-award winning Hertfordshire drama school offers acting classes to adults from eighteen years and up.

We welcome all acting levels and experience, so no matter if you're looking to hone your seasoned skills or are a complete beginner, our adult drama classes are able to provide the tuition you need.

Classes Cover:

  • Screen acting and acting for the camera
  • Acting for stage and stagecraft
  • Dramatic performance
  • Emotive content
  • Improvisation
  • Character analysis and characterisation
  • Physicality and movement
  • Script analysis
  • Physical warm-up techniques
  • Vocal coaching

We offer two adult intensive courses in Musical Theatre and Drama, Film & TV over six weeks and are structured to give you all you need to get started in your Acting career. See below for more details.

Limitless Adults

Screen Acting Course Level 1

"Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation." - Bette Davis.

The camera lens is a magnifying Glass, it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. To master it and own the camera it takes time effort and Practice.

Screen Acting Course - Level 1 is designed for those with basic experience, you will develop your relationship with the lens, understanding how to use it to your benefit as an actor.

Through this course you will understand how a screen actor's life, roles and responsibilities work within the industry and most importantly what is expected when performing on set. You will explore your internal and emotional core to suit the role you choose for your filmed monologue with instant playback and feedback on your work. Resulting in a professionally filmed piece ready to add to your showreel.

Screen Acting Course - Level 1 Content

 Explore the differences between stage and screen acting
 'Script to character' techniques
 Preparation, direction and performance of a scripted monologue to camera
 Use of dramatic improvisation as a preparation
 Understand Framing, Shots and Lenses
 Viewing and analysis of performances
 How to project a confidence in front of the camera

This is a 2- week intensive course with 6 x 2.5-hour sessions (15 Hours in total).
When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
Time: 18:30 - 21:00 Hrs
Course dates: 16th January - 27th January 2023

Cost: £285 (Payable upon Booking your Place)

Duration: 2 Weeks over 6 evenings
Cost: £285 (payment plans available)

Course Structure & Practical Learning

Our adult drama classes are project led with hands-on practical tuition from our experienced tutors.

Covering all aspects of dramatic training, the main focus of the classes is to give students a solid grounding in knowledge and know how, creating what we hope will become "thinking actors".

Within each project, whether for screen or theatre, tuition is given in character creation, emotive content, technical execution, script analysis, improvisational skills, knowledge of practitioners and physical interpretation.

The ability to understand process, application, creation, and execution in all acting disciplines gives our adult students the tools to pursue a career in the business.

Dependent on the Terms focus, classes will then culminate with a theatre performance or film project.

Classes Available To All Acting Skill Levels

Here at Limitless Academy of Performing Arts we believe we offer the best drama courses in all of Hertfordshire thanks to the quality of our teaching. All of our highly skilled tutors have vast acting experienced on stage and film and so have the knowledge to teach students the art of acting, whatever their skill level.

No matter if complete beginner to acting or have acted for years, we are able to accommodate you and help improve your performance.

Student Focused

Students in our adult drama classes are pushed towards their personal best while being allowed to grow at their own rate. This gives every student the choice of how and where to apply their new found confidence on stage and screen.

Developing Self Confidence

The skills adults learn in our drama classes open endless possibilities and help improve our students overall confidence in all aspects of life. From communicative skills to personal presence and becoming in-tune with their physical ability, students come away from our classes knowing more about themselves.

Interested in Acting?

To book a place on our adult drama class, or if you have any questions, please contact us:

Office: 0330 124 6868
Mobile: 0782 538 3859


Please note:

  • Entry is by audition only.
  • Students must be eighteen and over to take our adult drama courses.

Auditions take place during our completely free "Taster Session" which allows students to see if the class is right for them.

Free Taster Sessions happen on Sundays during term time. Register here:

Limitless Adults
Limitless Adults
Limitless Adults