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Limitless Academy at Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama Festival 2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Limitless academy's production of Scaramouche Jones
Theo Brignall as Scaramouche Jones

We're excited to be bringing three short plays to the Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama festival this year:

  • Scaramouche Jones by Justin Butcher

  • Brook for Nothing by Paul Adam Levy

  • Life is Like a Box of Chocolates by Ruth Burton

All cast members are a part of our school and attend our youth drama classes. The competition is split between seniors and juniors and this is the first year we are entering a play into the junior section in Life is Like a Box of Chocolates. The 78th WGC Youth Drama Festival is being held between 7th-12th March 2022. Tickets are available to buy directly from the website. The festival has other drama schools compete over three performances each night, followed by feedback and adjudication. When we're on:

  • Scaramouche Jones - Monday 7th March 7:30pm

  • Brook for Nothing - Friday 11th March 7:30pm

  • Life is Like a Box of Chocolates - Saturday 12th March 7:00pm (followed by awards ceremony)

Our previous wins: Limitless have been involved in the last three previous WGC Youth Drama Festivals and our talented pupils have come away with top awards for acting and for overall productions. Our previous awards at the festival include:

  • 2019 - 1st place Youth Committee Cup for Teechers (written by John Godber, directed by Peter Heppelthwaite)

  • 2019 - Adjudicator's Award for comic invention and execution for Teechers

  • 2019 - Individual Excellence Award for Jess Heppelthwaite in Teechers for best comedy performance

  • 2020 - 1st place Youth Committee Cup for Private Peaceful (written by Michael Morpurgo, directed by Peter McNally)

  • 2020 - 2nd place Nero's Cup for Unlucky for Some (written by Paul Adam Levy, directed by Peter Heppelthwaite)

  • 2020 - Technical Award for Unlucky for Some

  • 2020 - Adjudicator's Acting Award for Kyle Gould in Private Peaceful

  • 2020 - Adjudicator's Acting Award for Jess Heppelthwaite in Unlucky for Some

  • 2021 (online) - Award for individual excellence for The Greatest Snowman by Peter Heppelthwaite and Peter McNally

History of WGC Youth Festival The first Youth Drama Festival to be held in Welwyn Garden City was in 1944 and has been running all these years through audience support. The youth festival takes place annually and a few months before the adult festival in May. There is a great history of armature theatre at the Barn Theatre with the adult festival being held for the 87th time.



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