Dance Lessons & Courses

Our multi award-winning Hertfordshire academy fully recognises and appreciates the importance of dance within our drama training.

Lessons are catered to two age groups:

  • Children's dance classes (8-15 year olds)
  • Youth dance classes (16-21 year olds)

Three dance disciplines are available to both our children's and youth classes:

  • Musical Theatre Jazz
  • Tap
  • Commercial

Children's Dance Lessons (8-15 year olds)

Classes cover:

  • Basic Technique
  • Pick Up Skills
  • Stylistic Skills
  • Corner Work
  • Warm up / Cool Down
  • Performance Skills

Contact Hours: 12 Per Term
Price Per Term: £96

Youth Dance Lessons (16-25 year olds)

Classes cover:

  • Higher Technique
  • Pick Up Skills
  • Stylistic Skills
  • Choreography
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Warm Up / Cool Down

Contact Hours: 12 Per Term
Price Per Term: £96

Disciplines we teach

Musical Theatre Jazz
These theatrical dance classes are aimed to develop core dance skills through highly energetic and creative dance numbers inspired by musical theatre.

Tap Dance
Tap is an essential dance discipline that combines rhythmic precision with fluidity and flair. Through our tap lessons students will improve their fitness and flexibility while also developing their coordination and overall performance technique.

Commercial Dance
Combining high energy movement with the latest dance techniques and styles, our commercial dance lessons allow students a freedom of expressionwhile also learning the dedication required for fluid and flawless routines.

Body conditioning through dance training

Dance is a highly expressive art form and is fantastic discipline to be a part of. Building confidence through physical ability, composure and high levels of fitness, our dance ethos promotes well-being and self-awareness that complements our other classes. It's great for balance, co-ordination, is aerobic and tones all parts of the body and mind.

Body Conditioning is an important part of the training, strengthening specific areas, alleviating the possibilities of long term injury, improving stamina and making students stronger in all parts of their physique.

Dance is not just for dancers

From drama school entry exams to on screen auditions, it's a very real need for any actor to have full grasp of their physicality and physical ability. Knowledge of basic to advanced dance techniques helps actors gain confidence and fluidity in with their movement - making dance a valuable skill for any drama student

Dance training is also of course essential for West End auditions where getting cast could rely heavily on your ability as a dancer.

Catering our courses for all dance abilities

Our highly experienced tutors recognise that some students are already dancers in their own right, with years of training behind them. Catering for dancers and actors alike means that our tuition comes from true professionals, who have exemplary training, qualifications and experience.

Offering courses to children and young adults of all skill levels is accommodated through individual attention, combining "push and patience" in our classes.

Interested in learning dance?

We believe we offer the best drama school experience and tuition in Hertfordshire. To book a place on our children's and youth dance courses, or if you have any questions, contact us:

Office: 0330 124 6868
Mobile: 0782 538 3859


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