Singing Lessons for Children & Young Adults

There's nothing like being able to sing. Here at Limitless Academy of Performing Arts, we have the technical and performance knowledge of West End industry professionals who tutor our singing lessons.

Not only do they share their knowledge with students, but they also create an electric learning environment that makes every singing lesson at our award-winning Hertfordshire drama school unforgettable.

Singing lessons are catered toward three age groups:

  • 8-11 year old children's classes
  • 12-15 year old youth classes
  • 16-25 year old young adult classes

Adult Singing Classes: these are available in our Adult Musical Theatre courses.

Lessons cover:

  • All lessons taught by professional singing teachers
  • Basic to advanced voice coaching
  • Ranged vocal techniques and singing styles
  • Group singing sessions
  • One to one tuition
  • Sing chosen pieces
  • How to apply emotion to your performance
  • Professional recording at a studio

Singing lessons for all skill levels

As with all performing art classes here at Limitless Academy, we're able to accommodate a wide range of abilities and experience.

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned singer, the professionals teaching these lessons cover all aspects - from basic vocal technicalities to emotional content for a polished singing performance.

Combing group sessions with one to one tuition

The singing lessons sit across the three age groups (8-11, 12-14 and 15-25) and are split between group session's and one to one tuition.

Group sessions: These are designed to encourage and build on basic skills and knowledge whilst also giving opportunity to sing chosen pieces in front of peers.

One to one tuition: Students are guaranteed a 5-10 minute one to one (depending on class size), so voice coaching can be individually tailored.

This mixed format of group and one to one lessons echoes the singing tuition given at full time drama school, reinforcing our "part time school- full time attitude" ethos.

Private Singing Lessons

Our singing coaches are also available for private, one-on-one singing lessons to help bring the best out of your vocal potential.

Private singing lessons from only £35 per hour

Find out more about our private performance training tuition here.

Professional Studio Recording

Our performing arts school has strong links with a hugely successful local recording studio in Hertfordshire. This allows us to offer our singing students the opportunity of being professionally recorded and mixed. Student can even create their own CD.

Combining this recording facility with our own film making skills, we can produce music videos for students or create a show reel.

Kaitlin Corney in the recording studio.

Mikki from our 8-11 children's singing classes

Interested in taking singing lessons?

We believe we offer the best drama school experience and tuition in Hertfordshire. To book a place on a course or if you have any questions, please contact us on:

Office: 0330 124 6868
Mobile: 0782 538 3859


All singing lessons are available for a completely free "Taster Session" on any Sunday during Term Time. Register here: