Becoming Limitless

Becoming Limitless

Above you will see just a few of the productions that the founding members have been involved in both acting and directing.

After many years of good friendship, which began in a production of John Godber's "Bouncers" in 1993, the simplest of ideas was put to us by a very wise lady. You should start a drama school...

From that moment it became abundantly clear to us all that it was exactly what we should do.

Our initial thoughts were, that with our combined backgrounds both in and outside of "the business", we could offer a service of the highest professional pedigree. A training that not only taught the basics, but that could take the individual beyond what even they themselves thought possible, with the strongest of foundations. Our own individual training dictated that nothing less could be offered to our students. The founding members, each having vast experience and notable success within the realms of Television and Theatre, are perfectly qualified to deliver this standard.

Our staff would be of equal if not greater professional experience than ourselves, ensuring that at no point the vision was lost nor the delivery weakened.

So what are we not prepared to compromise on?

We wanted to be able to deliver an unbeatable experience for our students, harnessing their own dreams and visions and putting them into realisable terms. The education that each student receives would have a solid foundation in all three major disciplines.

The first four years of Limitless has seen huge success. Securing many overall winner awards for both theatre and film productions, our students have also won individual best actor awards on local, national and international platforms.

Many of our alumni students have gained places in full time accredited Drama, Performing Arts and Music Colleges. We have created, produced and executed no less than 28 Theatre and Film productions, but above all, we have helped students to become rounded, educated, self-aware young people who have the ability to go out and achieve.

In short we have had a fantastic four years!!

Our message continues to be simple, clear and to the point, have fun, be exceptional, and above all...