Singing Lessons for Children & Young Adults

There's nothing like being able to sing, then learning not only how to sing properly, but how to perform it properly. At Limitless we are lucky enough to have the technical skills and performance ability of truly successful West End industry professionals. Not only are they able to share their knowledge and understanding of how to, but they also create an electric learning environment through their own enthusiasm that makes these lessons unforgettable. We also offer the opportunity for students to take one to one singing lessons, to concentrate on particular styles or pieces for auditions or to give a stronger confidence to strengthen their vocal technique.

Having established strong links with a hugely successful local recording / practice studio, we also offer students the opportunity of being professionally recorded and mixed for demo or even their own CD. Combining this facility with our own film making skills we can produce a student's every need, from pop video to show reel.

See Kaitlin Corney's recording here

As with all classes at Limitless, although age relative, we are able to accommodate the huge range of ability and, more importantly, self-confidence within these singing sessions. The group session is designed to encourage and build on basic skills and knowledge whilst also giving opportunity to sing chosen pieces in front of their peers. Alongside this students are guaranteed a 5-10 minute one to one (depending on class size), so tuition can be individually tailored. This format echoes tuition given at full time drama school, reinforcing our "part time school- full time attitude" ethos.
The classes are split into three age ranges, 8-11, 12-14 and 15-21, the only difference being the abilities accommodated and subject content. Whether a complete beginner or a seasoned singer, the professionals teaching these sessions will cover every aspect, from technicalities to emotional content to polished performance.