Screen Acting Courses for Children & Young Adults

Acting in front of the camera is something very close to our hearts as many a happy hour has been spent doing exactly that. We are in the enviable position of having staff that are second to none in the tuition of camera work in all its' complexity. This is an invaluable experience, which gives students a real time insight into working in the world of TV and film. Not only does it prepare them for life in front of the camera, but helps prepare them for audition processes, gives them a chance to critique themselves and gives them the basic skills to be understanding of the environment in which hopefully one day they will be working.

Students are given the opportunity to write, produce star in and film their own projects, from short films to sketches, adverts to music videos, the options are Limitless.

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8-15 Acting for Camera

Nothing better than seeing yourself on camera!!! Everybody that has an interest in TV and Film acting can't wait to see themselves on screen, so this is exactly what we do here. Film and show! Children learn so quickly by actually doing and seeing it, so who wants to be the director, First AD or even cameraman? Whether in front of or behind the camera, a lot of learning goes on in this introduction to the demanding world of TV and Film.
Acting in front of the camera is incredibly demanding. These sessions begin the journey into the precision and concentration that is needed to make it look natural and easy. Making adverts, filming scenes from improvisation, using actual TV scripts, all go hand in hand and alongside learning terminology, the jobs people have on set, the process of how TV programmes and films are made and how patient the actor and all the crew have to be. Fun and interesting, with a sprinkle of discipline, (being quiet is sometimes quite hard!!) students go on a huge learning curve and will be encouraged to put that learning into practice.

16-21 (and beyond) Acting for Camera

Almost "masterclasses" in working in front of the camera, the expectation is that the basics, although still covered to accommodate any newcomers, are adhered to and implemented without constant attention. This enables these sessions to take on the real craft and finesse of character portrayal through the lens. Understanding structure of shot and the relationship between actor and camera, the realities of being on set and the pressures that go with the territory take the student into preparatory situations, ready to take the next step.