As drama is our core, the passion and heart of all we teach, these lessons at Limitless become a powerful bedrock for personal growth and extended performance throughout all the disciplines we offer. From fun learning games to in-depth character and script analysis, through stagecraft to improvisation, no stone is left un-turned. Children will learn how to create, inhabit and become the fullest and most accomplished of performers. It is our hope that all our students take this experience with them through the rest of their lives.

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Drama 8 -11 Years

The whole drive and approach to these sessions is encouragement. Taking a child's interest and nurturing that interest through delivering high energy fun learning. From the basics of stage craft to the excitement of character work, improvisation and the beginnings of looking at script work. Students will plunder and explore their imaginations and improve their performance skills through practical application.

Drama 12 -15 Years

A slightly more mature approach to these sessions ensures that whilst basics are still covered, wider knowledge of stage craft, deeper understanding of script, character creation and analysis of improvised work is undertaken. Content is age relative, maintaining interest whilst still encouraging the excitement and fun of dramatic exploration. This begins the training in focus, professionalism and work ethic in preparation for sessions in the older groups.

Drama 16-25 Years

Although always able to accommodate newcomers, these sessions take students into a more professional approach of learning the "craft" of acting. Still fun and rewarding, the focus and content pushes the disciplines of the "dramatic", covering all aspects of performance both on a personal level and with an understanding of the team work involved. For those wanting to go on to full time Drama School these classes are considered invaluable preparation, giving solid background knowledge and practical experience.