We're a drama school, yes, but we fully recognise and appreciate the importance of dance within our training.

It's a very real need for any want to be "jobbing actor" to be able to go for an audition, including drama school entry, secure in a full knowledge of their physicality and physical ability, especially when it comes to West End auditions where getting that job could rely heavily on your ability as a dancer. Within this, we also recognise that some students are already dancers in their own right, with years of training behind them. Catering for dancers and actors alike means that the tuition has to come from a true professional, with exemplary training, qualifications and experience. This in turn dictates that the students really need to understand the "why" of taking dance at Limitless.

Classes are catered for in two age groups: 8-15 Years, 16 -21 Years.

The reality is that even in the early age group, there could well be a student who has been studying dance for years, and just as likely, an 18yr old who has never seen the inside of a dance studio. We accommodate this wide ability range through individual attention, combining "push and patience" within the same class.

3 Dance Disciplines are available:

  • Musical Theatre Jazz
  • Tap
  • Commercial

Dance as an expressive art form is just fantastic to be a part of. Building confidence through physical ability, composure and high levels of fitness, our dance ethos promotes well-being and self-awareness that compliments all other classes. It's great for balance, co-ordination, is aerobic and tones all parts of the body and mind.

Body Conditioning is an important part of the training, strengthening specific areas, alleviating the possibilities of long term injury, improving stamina and making students stronger in all parts of their physique.