Screen Acting 101


This Short, Introductory Course to TV and Film does exactly "What it says on the Tin"!

  • Two hours
  • Two evenings a week

All over a two week period. Enabling you to get an insight and some practical "in front of the camera" time, with space enough between sessions to consolidate what you've learnt, ready to put it in to practice.

You'll learn how a scene is structured, the technicalities involved, the expectations on set and how to deliver a believable performance on camera. You'll then get to write and film a very short piece, which will be shown edited in the final session, with a group appraisal of what has been achieved.

If it's something you've always wanted to try, or you want a bit of a refresher, this course tailors to your needs, with individual attention to detail, giving you a real taste of what it takes to perform on camera.

The Evenings of 7th & 9th August

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