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Adult Acting Course Level 2




10 weeks. 10x 2.5 hour sessions (25 hours total)

About the Course

I Never act. I simply bring out the real animal that’s in me.” – William Dafoe.

Start date: Wednesday 21st August 2024

Course duration: 10 weeks. 10 x 2.5-hour sessions (25 Hours in total)

Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Cost: £485 (Payable upon Booking your Place)

Please note: students need to complete our Level One Method Acting class before enrolling.

This course gives you the opportunity to look further into the art of Miesner, Stanislavsky, improvisation using Viola Spolin technique, screen acting and voice gathering, more information on honing your drama and screen acting skills, understanding your screen persona, who you really are and how you would be cast in the industry.


You will explore the dexterity behind developing Character shifts through narrative, text and character preparation.


We will work on your audition, self-tape and screen castings execution in more depth ensuring that when you get the chance you don’t miss it!


Level 2 will result in a professionally filmed Scene ready to add to your showreel.


Acting level 2 course content

  • Develop the ability to identify and deliver credible screen performances

  • Explore the nuances of physical, emotional and intellectual elements necessary for character interpretation quickly and in the moment.

  • View, discussion and analysis of performances

  • Work collaboratively on scripted scenes exploring listening, interaction and emotion

  • Work on casting scripts from TV and film with playback and feedback

  • Receive duologues and your casting tape for future reference

  • Gain an understanding of film genre: short film, TV drama, TV soap, cinema and your casting possibilities

  • Explore several popular playwrights

Your Instructor

Peter Heppelthwaite

Peter Heppelthwaite
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