Screen Acting Courses for Children, Young, and Adults

Our screen acting courses are run by highly skilled tutors who have real world TV and film experience. We offer classes to children (8-15) and young adults (16-21) who want to learn how to act on camera and understand what it takes when filming a scene on a busy set.

What students will do:

  • Write and produce their own work (including short films, comedy sketches, adverts, music videos - the options are Limitless)
  • Direct and star in their own projects
  • Learn how film sets function
  • Prepare for on-camera auditions
  • Learn how to critique their own filmed performances
  • Understand character development

On-Camera Acting Courses Available

  • 8-11 year old Children's class
  • 12-15 year old Youth class
  • 16 to 25 Young Adult's class

We also offer a specialised Drama and Screen Acting Adult Course for students 18 and over

Free Taster Session
Why not see if our on-camera acting courses are right for you with a free taster class at our award-winning Hertfordshire drama school.

Classes Taught by Experienced Professionals

Acting in front of the camera is something very close to our hearts here at Limitless Academy as this is how our tutors have spent their careers. We are in the enviable position of having staff that are second to none in the tuition of camera work in all its' complexity. This is an invaluable experience which gives our students real insight into working in the world of TV and film.

On our course, students will learn how to critique themselves while developing an understanding of the environment of a film set where one day they might be working.

Help Prepare for On-Camera Auditions

Not only do our Screen Acting classes help prepare students for life in front of the camera but it also helps prepare them for modern audition processes.

More and more acting opportunities request filmed audition pieces to be sent in by actors. Understanding how to film these is vital. Our course gives students the knowledge of how create a taped auction piece that is both technically good and honed toward what casting agents are looking for.

In-person auditions are also regularly filmed and so learning to be confident in front of the lens is a critical skill of any up-and-coming actor.

Children (8-11) & Youth (12 to 15) Acting for Camera Class

There's nothing better than seeing yourself on camera! Everybody that has an interest in TV and Film acting can't wait to see themselves on screen, so this is exactly what we on our Children's Screen Acting Classes.

Film and show!
Acting in front of the camera is incredibly demanding. These children's classes begin the journey into the precision and concentration that is needed to make it look natural and easy.

Does your child want be a director, First AD or even camera operator? No matter if they want to be in front or behind the camera, a lot of learning goes on in this introduction class that will prepare students for the demanding world of TV and Film.

Practical Learning
As children learn so quickly by doing and seeing, our children's class focuses heavily on practical learning. Students will make adverts, film scenes from improvisation, and use actual TV scripts. These lessons run alongside learning film terminology, the jobs people have on set, the process of how TV programmes and films are made, and how patient the actor and all the crew have to be.

Fun and interesting, with a sprinkle of discipline (being quiet is sometimes quite hard!), students go on a huge learning curve and will be encouraged to put that learning into practice.

Young Adult's (16-25) Acting for Camera Class

Our young adult screen acting classes accommodate newcomers as well as more experienced youth actors. These sessions tackle the craft and finesse actors must master to be able to portray characters through the lens.

Real Preparation for Real Shoots
Understanding a structure of a shot and the relationship between actor and camera is vital for delivering a believable on-screen performance. This course prepares young actors for the realities of being on a film set and the pressure that goes with the territory.

Students will also take a deep dive into character development and understand the power of subtle on-camera emotions.

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