Limitless in Royston Crow Newspaper

Limitless in Royston Crow Newspaper

Tuesday 8th June 2021

At the end of May you might have seen our editorial in The Royston Crow and The Comet (Stevenage and Hitchin). If you didn't manage to catch it then you can read the full article here.

Big thanks to Bianca Wild for such a wonderful article. It gives a great insight into who we are as a drama school.

Extract from the article:

Limitless started in Stevenage four years ago, before moving to Royston two years ago. Last year they had to close when the COVID pandemic hit and the industry was shut down.
Peter told this newspaper: "Peter, Ruth and I have had to deal with not having any acting work or directing work due to film and theatres closing down.
"All of our students were very loyal and we've been lucky enough to get council grants, and an arts council grant. Applying for these takes so much work, but it helped saved us."
"We're known as a big family at Limitless, we are all passionate about what we do. We've had a lot of success in our field. Our oldest student is 80 years old and our youngest is eight.
"It's not about the money, we are working actors. But a lot of our kids would not go anywhere else, and we are very unique as a school and we would let 85 students down if we closed and 'did something else'. We promised them we would reopen.
"We took no money during that period so we could keep the company afloat."