Our Day Out


Directed by Ruth Burton

Our Day Out is an account of a school trip for students from a remedial class: hilarious, chaotic and lively, but tinged with the suggestion that the disadvantaged children have little else to look forward to.

Mrs Kay's 'Progress Class' are unleashed for a day's coach trip to Conway Castle in Wales, stopping off at the café, the zoo, the beach and the funfair, the children taking advantage of the numerous opportunities to bicker, fool around, steal and get lost. Russell presents an exuberant celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up and being footloose, fourteen and free from school. But this is more than a romp - Our Day Out points up the depressing present and empty future for these comprehensive-school children from the backstreets of Liverpool, for whom a day out is as much as they can expect.

This tender comedy was originally written for television and transmitted as a BBC 'Play for Today' in 1976. It was later adapted for the stage and first performed in 1983 at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.

Playing for 3 nights with a cast of 20 at the lovely St Christopher's Theatre, Letchworth this will be a very entertaining night out!

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St Christopher's Theatre, Letchworth

Tuesday 16th April - 7:30 - £12/14 + Booking Fee

St Christopher's Theatre, Letchworth

Wednesday 16th April - 7:30 - £12/14 + Booking Fee

St Christopher's Theatre, Letchworth

Thursday 16th April - 7:30 - £12/14 + Booking Fee